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How to Find Your Local Animal Shelter
(Information from the Human Society of the United States)

The easiest place to start your search for your local animal shelter is online at www.Pets911.com and other sites listed below. Here you can enter your zip code and find a list of animal shelters, animal control agencies, and other animal care organizations in your community. In addition, the site features animals available for adoption, low-cost spay-neuter services, and volunteer opportunities.

You may also want to look in your phone book. Animal shelters are called by a variety of names, so look in the Yellow Pages under listings such as "animal shelter," "humane society," or "animal control." Public animal care and control agencies are often listed under the city or county health department or police department.

Finally, you may also wish to contact The HSUS Regional Office that serves your state. Because regional offices cover specific geographic areas, staff there are likely to be familiar with humane organizations in your community.

Some Resources for Locating a Shelter

Other Resources not found on the HSUS site

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