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DogTime is the premier site for people to find a dog match, research dogs of all breeds, and find a list of top dog names. 


Rachael Ray (& Isaboo)

Have their own line of dog food and dog treats? Here is a quote from her site as to why she is doing this. This is SO AWESOME!

"Heartbroken by the thought of the millions of mistreated and abandoned animals taken in by shelters each year, Rachael has created the Rachael's Rescue website to highlight organizations that are dedicated to helping animals in need. In support of their work, she's also launched a new line of pet food called Rachael Ray's Nutrish™ for Pets. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these products will go to organizations such as those listed here." Sounds AWESOME huh? Want to find out where to buy? Go to http://rachaelray.com/pets/nutrish.php and click on the button (right hand side) where it says "Where to Buy".

Also check out Rachael's section for pets, where she has recipes for your canine friends.



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