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DogTime is the premier site for people to find a dog match, research dogs of all breeds, and find a list of top dog names. 




Rag Chew Toys

Your pets are family, too! Make them feel special with these rag chew toys. Since these toys are so simple, why not make extras to donate to your local animal shelter.

Make This Pet Project

Hemp Dog Collars

Sew a sturdy collar that will hold up to the elements as well as your dog's roughhousing. This eco-friendly hemp collar can be customized with matching or contrasting thread.

Make This Pet Project

Beaded Kitty Necklaces

A little glue goes a long way toward making these fun-to-assemble kitty necklaces. Choose your own beads, throw in a few jingle bells and your cat will be dressed to the nines, which is almost as good as having nine lives!

Make This Pet Project

Diamond Dog Collars

Make your pet feel like a princess -- or prince -- with these sparkling necklaces that are simple to make with grosgrain ribbon and dangling rhinestone trim.

Make This Craft


Baby's First Dog

Share some puppy love with the baby in your life with these one-of-a-kind appliqued onesies.

Make This Craft

Baby Sock Cat Toy

This simple and inexpensive mouse-size toy, filled with catnip and sewn by hand, will provide your cat with hours of entertainment.

Make This Craft

Catnip Rat

Show your cat how purr-fect you think they are by rewarding them with this one-of-a-kind toy.

Make This Craft


Cat Tree

This scratching post was made from a fallen tree on Martha's property. It's 18 inches tall, but you can make yours any size.

Make This Craft

Cats at home...

Did you ever wonder what your cats did at home while you were out? Well today I found out what mine do. They watch Martha Stewart on TV to see what cat toys I can make them when I get home. Here is what they liked the best. To see more crafts, go to our crafts section. Don't worry dog lovers, Martha didn't forget about you, there are some awesome crafts for you too.

Make This Craft




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