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Adopt-A-Dog is a small shelter in Chappell, Nebraska. Here is their story... "I am a mother of 2 daughters and started this shelter back in 1984, I had a stray show up at our house no one ever claimed her so I kept her and it snowballed from that day. I have always had a love and concern for the welfare of the animals, no matter what kind of animal it was. As kids my sisters and brother and I would bring stray animals home and keep them. It all was planted back in my childhood. My mother was a big animal lover and caregiver. My grandparents raised and cared for dogs and had a farm with different kinds of animals.

kittenI work for Deuel county as animal control person I have gone to the NACA training,(National Animal Control Academy)and was certified with them. I have a farm with several animals and I take care of the dogs around the area and here on my place. I do this because the only place for the dogs to go was two choices, farmers shot them or they went to local vets and if not claimed were put to sleep. So I started this shelter for the sole purpose of trying to help the dogs at least get that fare chance that anything deserves. It is a bit much these days, the animal population is so out of control. Things and animals are way to easy to throw away. Education is another item I am hitting on. I was able to start a spay and nueter program here in the area and have altered hundreds of animals and save thousands of lives. It is great to help the community and help the animals.

I am a 4-H leader for the local dog club. I put on a rabies clinic once a year. I started a spay day for 5 counties and now are just sponsoring three, ours included. I groom dogs on the side to bring a few extra dollars. Answer any questions I can when people approach me and if I can't anwser I send them to hopefully someone who can. I and a group of people are trying to start a Humane Society shelter near my home town, it will help out surrounding towns and animals as well. We in this area have now where to take the stray or lost animals, it is going to take some farely good grants or donations. It can be done and I am setting goals to try and see this come to life. That is about all, thank you for looking at the dogs in need of a home. And remeber animals feel fear, and loneliness, and love, just in different ways. But they do feel."


When adopting a dog from the shelter we have you spend some time with the pet of your chioce and see if both parties get along with each other. Then we have you fill out an adoption form. We do have an adoption fee that helps cover expenses. You then have a week to see if the pet is adjusting to its new home or not, and I will call you, or you call me. I want you to fill me in on if the animal is settling in nicely. I will try and help you adjust to the new pet and the pet adjust to you. I will always try and take the animal back if the kennels are not full at the time, if they are I ask if you could wait til we make room.

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"On Jan. 16th 2010 the Adopt-A-Dog shelter/rescue caught fire and burned down. I had cleaned kennels that afternoon and fed and watered, gave the dogs their treats and said good night. I turned off the lights and headed to the house to fix supper. At 8:00 pm a friend came into the yard yelling the kennel was on fire and my husband ran down to let the dogs out and I called 911 and headed to the kennels. Tom was able to rescue 6 dogs from the fire, but 3 did not make it out. It took no time for the kennel to burn to the ground. The fire Department here in Chappell was fantastic, they responded in nothing flat. Had the fire out in about an hour. Not a whole lot anyone could do. We had friends help bury the 3 and get water lines shut off and sewer system plugged. Then on Monday.

Our Dear family and friends came to help teardown the kennels and clean off some of the cement so we could still help the animals in our area needing our help. The Wagon Tails rescue group showed up the night of the fire and took most of the dogs and fostered them and found great homes for them. Our plans are to rebuild the kennels here, and make them better, with some added bonuses for the area. There are several fundraisers in my community helping my husband and I rebuild this kennel, which has been running for 15 years and I have been rescuing dogs for around 25 years. It is my passion to help these animals that are in need of our help and the communities help, I love what I do. And love the area in which I live."

  • By Mail: You can send a personal check or your non-monetary donations.

    Send personal check to:
    16730 Hwy 30
    Chappell, NE 69129

    Attention: Donations

    Non-monetary items you can send to:
    16730 Hwy 30
    Chappell, NE 69129

April 9, 2011 they will be having a Fundraising Craft Fair at the Deuel County Fairgrounds.


16730 Hwy 30
Chappell, NE 69129
Phone: 308-874-2558




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